Lace Edge

14 x 14 in.

Oil on Board


About the Artist:


Hilda Oomen completed her BFA from Queen’s University in 1984, followed by a summer in the the Young Resident Artists program in The Banff Centre. “I have spent years working in gardens, both as a means of support and, at times, as a creative substitute for painting itself. The imagery and experience of that time continues to be the inspiration for my work. In earlier years I worked in mainly large country gardens overlooking expansive rural landscapes throughout the Mulmur Hills of Ontario. Over the years the larger landscape fell away and the painting’s subject became predominately flowers, sometimes combined with china, fruit and other still life objects, set against a painterly backdrop. There is a more intimate and personal focus in my use of still life as subject matter. I am obsessed with capturing the beauty of flowers in strong light and simplifying in paint the complex interplay of light, colour, form and reflection.”

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