So Far You See The Sky #14 (Scent of Summer)

32 x 34 in.

Oil in Canvas


About the Series:


There is no greater sky nor land than the Canadian one. The sheer grandness and scale, the  wilderness, the force of the weather is like no other. “So Far You See the Sky” series is inspired by my trip with Mila to Iles de la Madeleine and Gaspe in 2017. After I lost my dog, Abi in 2016, my cousin sent me a song by HaBanot Nechama, “So Far”. My solo exhibition is based on it. The sky is all around us. We see it. We feel it. But we cannot touch it, just like the loved ones we’ve lost. To be closer to them, I travel. I travel far but never far enough. Painting in layers creates a sense of place between the actual landscape and memories. The images are covered and revealed, inviting the viewer to look into and beyond the surface.

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